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Burgers and Subs

*Prato cheese is a Brazilian soft cheese, similar to the Danish cheese Danbo.
It is one of the most popular cheeses in Brazil, and was introduced by Danish immigrants in the Minas Gerais state.

JK Burger

R$ 47,00

Duplo X Burger Cheddar, 240g, Picles e Maionese Rosa Artesanal

Cheese Burger

R$ 29,00

Hamburger with *Prato cheese

Cheese Salada

R$ 36,00

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, lettuce, green tomato, house-made mayo

Cheese Bacon Egg

R$ 39,00

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, bacon, egg

Cheese Picanha Bacon Tártaro

R$ 49,00

Top Sirloin Cap hamburger, *Prato cheese, bacon, tartar sauce

Cidade Jardim Burger

R$ 43,00

Top Sirloin Cap hamburger, cheddar, sweet and sour sauce

Cheese Calabresa Vinagrete

R$ 36,00

Pepperoni hamburger, *Prato cheese, vinaigrette

Cheese Maionese

R$ 31,00

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, house-made mayo

Cheese Cebola Frita com Maionese

R$ 36,50

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, fried onions, house-made mayo

Cheese Bacon Cebola Frita

R$ 39,50

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, bacon, fried onions

Cheese Picanha Salada Bacon

R$ 51,00

Top Sirloin Cap hamburger, *Prato cheese, green tomatoes, lettuce, bacon

Cheese Bacon

R$ 35,00

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, bacon

Cheese Filé Mignon Champignon

R$ 51,00

Filet Mignon, *Prato cheese, spiced mushrooms

Cheese Egg

R$ 32,00

Hamburger, *Prato cheese, egg

Cheese Filé de Frango Creme de Milho

R$ 38,00

Chicken Filet, *Prato cheese, cream of corn


Tuna Fish

R$ 38,00

Tuna, house-made mayo, onions, tomato, lettuce (served cold)


Bauru Milk & Mellow

R$ 44,00

Roast beef, *Prato cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce

Hot-Dog Milk & Mellow

R$ 29,00

Hot-dog, *Prato cheese, bacon, sweet and sour sauce. Served with potato chips


R$ 16,00

Hot-dog. Served with potato chips


R$ 16,50

Beef sausage 75g and cheese. Comes with individual potato chips.

Chopped Cheddar Dog

R$ 21,00

Beef sausage 75g, creamy cheddar and red onion. Comes with individual potato chips.

Pic Nic Dog

R$ 20,00

Beef sausage 75g, cheese and vinaigrette. Comes with individual potato chips.

Barbecue Dog

R$ 20,00

75g beef sausage, mandioquinha puree and homemade barbecue sauce. Served with individual potato chips

Dream Dog

R$ 29,00

Beef sausage 75g, pickles, bacon and mayonnaise. Served with individual potato chips

JK Menu

Vegan Burgers

Veggie Cheese Burger Cebola Roxa

R$ 44,00

Pea hamburger, vegan Cheddar, purple onions, artisanal vegan mayo


Veggie Cheese Salada

R$ 33,00

Vegetables hamburger, vegan *Prato cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, artisanal vegan mayo


Veggie Fit Burger

R$ 33,00

Sweet potato hamburger, mushroom, artisanal vegan mayo


JK Menu

Build Your Burger

1. Choose the Bread

Traditional cheese burger brad / whole wheat / Syrian bread

2. Choose Your Hamburger

Hamburger 120g (3.5oz)

R$ 22,00

Top Sirloin Cap 160g (5.30z)

R$ 29,00

Pepperoni 100g (3.5oz)

R$ 22,50

Double Patty 240g

R$ 37,00

Double Patty w/ Cheese

R$ 42,00

3. Choose Your Cheese

*Prato cheese

R$ 7,00


R$ 9,00

White cheese

R$ 7,00

4. Choose Your Extras


R$ 7,00

Lettuce, green tomatoes, house-made mayo


R$ 6,00


R$ 6,00

Fried Onions

R$ 6,00


R$ 7,00


R$ 12,00


R$ 10,00

5. Choose Your Sauce

House-Made Mayo

R$ 6,00


R$ 9,00

Cream of Corn

R$ 14,00


R$ 8,00

Sweet and sour, onions, pickles


R$ 6,00

JK Menu


Rosbife Individual

R$ 57,00 ... R$ 45,00

Roast Beef, * Prato cheese, tomato, lettuce, house-made mayo, oregano

Beirute Stan

R$ 66,00 ... R$ 53,00

Filet Mignon, *Prato cheese, egg, tartar, lettuce, tomatoes, oregano

Beirute Ollie

R$ 57,50 ... R$ 45,00

Chicken Filet, *Prato cheese, cream of corn, tomatoes, oregano


JK Menu

Salty Waffles

Waffle Milk & Mellow

R$ 31,00

Cheese, ham, tomato, oregano

Waffle Sweet Bacon

R$ 39,50

Bacon, eggs, honey

JK Menu


Caesar Salad

R$ 35,00

Romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan, croutons Caesar sauce

Add chicken filet R$ 38,00
Add filet mignon R$ 51,00

Salada Milk & Mellow

R$ 51,00

Filet Mignon, arugula, purple lettuce, lettuce, green tomatoes, red tomatoes, cucumber, purple onion and black olives, and Toasted Vinaigrette Sauce


R$ 44,00

Palmito, arugula and Mustard Sauce

Salada Rosbife

R$ 46,00

Roast beef, purple lettuce, lettuce, red tomatoes, and Carpaccio Sauce

Salada Verde

R$ 38,00

Lettuce, arugula, apple, almonds with white cheese and mustard sauce

JK Menu


Mini Burgers

R$ 41,00

Xsalada, Xbacon, Xcebolafrita, acompanhado de batata chips

Mini X Burger

R$ 30,00

3 Mini X Burger - Acompanha batata chips

Onion Rings

R$ 29,00 ... R$ 36,00

Breaded onion rings, artisanal house-made

Batatas Fritas

R$ 24,00 ... R$ 28,00

House-made French fries, natural and crunchy

Batata Frita com Cheddar e Bacon

R$ 32,00 ... R$ 39,00

Bacon and cheddar covered french fries

Batata Frita com Parmesão e Bacon

R$ 30,00 ... R$ 37,00

Parmesan and Bacon covered French fries

Batatas Fritas Chips

R$ 19,00 ... R$ 23,00

House-made chips

Bolinho de Arroz Especial

R$ 24,00 ... R$ 28,50

Rice cake filled with cheese and house-made mayo

Special Individual rice cake R$ 22,00

JK Menu

Gelato Shakes

Gelatoshake ChocoMellow

R$ 44,00

Soft and creamy chocolate shake with chocolate flakes (chocolate cover)

Gelatoshake Amarena

R$ 44,00

Classic Italian cherry shake (cherry covered)

Gelatoshake Ovomaltine

R$ 44,00

Vanilla shake with ovomaltine flakes (caramel covered)

Gelatoshake Gianduia

R$ 44,00

Chocolate almonds (chocolate covered)

Vaca Preta

R$ 45,00

Chocolate shake with coca-cola (chocolate covered)

Ice cream soda

R$ 45,00

Vanilla shake with lemonade soda (strawberry covered)

Smoothmellow Bananacream

R$ 30,00

Gelato Artesanal de Nata mixado com banana

Gelatoshake Clássico Creme (Vaniglia)

R$ 40,00

Classic vanilla shake (caramel covered)

Gelatoshake Clássico Morango

R$ 40,00

Classic strawberry shake (strawberry covered)

Gelatoshake Clássico Chocolate

R$ 40,00

Classic chocolate shake (chocolate covered)

Gelatoshake Clássico Coco

R$ 40,00

Classic coconut shake (caramel covered)

Gelatoshake Clássico Flocos (Stracciatella)

R$ 40,00

Classic stracciatella shake (chocolate covered)

Gelatoshake Caramelo Salgado

R$ 44,00

Cobertura de Caramelo

Gelatoshake Chocolate Absoluto

R$ 46,00

Chocolate Zero Açucar e Zero Lactose

JK Menu


House-made Artisanal Gelato

Flavors of Gelato: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, Stracciatella, ChocoMellow, Cherry, and Chocolate Almonds
Cover Flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Cherry

Taça Simples

R$ 20,50

Two scoops of gelato

Gelato Puro - Caramelo Salgado

R$ 23,50

Duas bolas

Gelato Puro - Chocolate Absoluto

R$ 27,50

Duas bolas

Taça Colegial

R$ 30,96

Two scoops of gelato, two covers, whipped cream, chestnuts

Taça Sundae

R$ 39,50

Three scoops of gelato, three covers, whipped cream, chestnuts

Taça Banana Split

R$ 49,44

Three scoops of gelato, banana, three covers, whipped cream, chestnuts

Gelato Embalagem 500ml

R$ 49,50

Gelato 17oz

JK Menu


Flavors of Gelato: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, Stracciatella, ChocoMellow, Cherry, and Chocolate Almonds
Cover Flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Cherry

Waffle Chocolate

R$ 42,00

Waffle, dulce de leche, peach

Waffle de Mel e Castanha

R$ 31,00

Waffle, honey, chestnuts

Waffle Gelato

R$ 38,50

Waffle, two scoops of gelato, two covers

Waffle de Doce de Leite e Pêssego

R$ 31,00

Waffle, dulce de leche, peach

JK Menu


Sucos Naturais (Freshly Squeezed Juice)

R$ 13,00

Orange, Lime, Watermelon, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pineapple with Mint

Pink Limonade

R$ 7,50

Soda Italiana com syrup de cranberry, limão e água gaseificada.

Yellow Limonade

R$ 7,50

Soda italiana com syrup de tangerina, pêssego, limão e água gaseificada.

Chá gelado (Cold Tea)

R$ 7,50

Cranberry, Peach, Green Apple, Lime

Água Mineral - Water

R$ 6,00

Cristal water, Cristal sparkling water

Refrigerantes em lata - Soda

R$ 8,00

Coca Cola, Coca Light, Sprite, Sprite Light, Fanta Guaraná, Fanta Guaraná

Heineken Long Neck

R$ 14,00

*This menu does not apply for DELIVERY and it is exclusive for in person customers at the JK location